After a very successful racing season a few years ago, owner Jerry Lemke was quoted in an issue of the Checkered Flag Racing News…He mentions that he was most proud of the quality of people that purchase JAMR’s engines.  He believes it is because of the care and attention to detail they practice that make their engines run strong and competitive.  Lemke indicated that he’s fortunate that the drivers and crews of winning teams know how to race and set up a car correctly.  When asked “Why should someone buy an engine from you?” Lemke responded, “I would have people look at our track record when they are considering JAMR Racing Engines as their engine builder.  Over the years we have been successful in our race programs, from the entry-level divisions into the ARTGO-NASCAR series.  The late Joe Shear in ARTGO, Steve Carlson in the McLeod USA Series, Ricky Bilderback in ASA, and Bobby Wilberg, with numerous track championships at Rockford Speedway, all used JAMR Racing Engines.  We spend many hours on our engines to give the customer the best possible engines that money can buy.”